Github organizations of Netherlands eScience center projects.

Software repositories for 3D-e-Chem project of Netherlands eScience Center

Github organization for the AA-ALERT project.

Github organization for the project Improving Open-Source Photogrammetric Workflows for Processing Big Datasets.

Github organization for all software related to the PhD research of Dafne van Kuppevelt.

Github organization for the What Works When for Whom? project.

Detecting abrupt shifts in climate data.

How individuals recall mass violence

Github organization for the Bridging the Gap project.

Software related to the project “Detecting anomalous behavior in crowds using Wi-Fi positioning”

Visualization of genomic variants between plant strains.

Software repositories of the Netherlands eScience Center project: Prediction of candidate genes for traits using interoperable genome annotations

Software related to the CaseLawAnalytics project

Generating global weather model clouds with high-res 3D LES models

The organization and repositories for the DIRAC project.

The organization and repositories for the DynaSlum project.

Emotion Recognition in Dementia project

Software repositories of the EOSCpilot LOFAR project.

Simulating low energy electron scattering.

Courses and training provided by the Netherlands eScience Center.

Joint repository for GeoVisualization and GLAM projects

Software repositories of the Netherlands eScience Center project: Googling the cancer genome

Software repositories for iDark project of Netherlands eScience Center

Kumbh Mela and MobiLab Indo-Dutch projects

Accelerating the development of the next generation of drugs, together

Components for running multiscale simulation models on HPC resources.

Workgroup for the Triple-A2 project at Astron and Netherlands eScience Center

Sherlock is an NLeSC-wide project in which all eScience Research engineers of the NLeSC work together.

Project of Netherlands eScience Center, University of Groningen, and Utrecht University

eStep software and software for old and pathfinder projects.

Content analysis of political tweets with machine learning

High spatial resolution phenological modelling at continental scales.

Tools and software for EC-Earth developed within the PRIMAVERA H2020 project

Research Environment for GIS

Automated Parallel Computation of Collaborative Statistical Models project of Wouter Verkerke (Nikhef) and the Netherlands eScience Center: making RooFit faster

Software related to the research results originating from the project Sherlock: Clustering Image Noise Patterns for Common Source Camera Detection

Software projects related to the analyses of data collected with wearable accelerometers

A Python library for supporting complex YAML-based file formats.